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Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack Ranks number 90 of 97 in the Bike Racks category at Chain Reaction Cycles in this review. Whilst this isn’t the best indicator to decide if it’s the best in class, you can use it as a guide to see how it compares to other bike-racks. At £233.99 the Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack is also the ranked number 17 of 17 products by Saris in the same category. Price is often considered to be the most important factor in deciding which product to buy, and where to buy it. With the availability of online shopping we’re only ever just a click away from choosing one retailer over another, so companies like Chain Reaction Cycles have to work extra hard online to ensure their pricing for Bike Racks products like Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack is as low as possible, if they’re to stand a chance in getting the sale. We run an automated search function here at MyBikeReviews to try and grab the lowest prices across the web. We only search amongst the key players because we’re very strict in ensuring we choose suppliers that we know and trust, and ultimately will look after us and you. Our latest search found the Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack available from Chain Reaction Cycles at just £233.99.

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There are several factors that affect the buying decision for bikers, alongside price, quality features as the highest most important element of the decision. You want to be totally confident that the Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack you’re buying is going to be fit for purpose and last. Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack gets off to a good start, because you can generally rely on Saris to deliver top quality products, particularly when the Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack is £233.99. With 97 bike-racks to choose from, brands like Saris are constantly fighting for ways to innovate and grab the competitive advantage, which is great news for us, the customer. However, perhaps the greatest peace of mind you can get in terms of quality, is when you buy from a trusted retailer as you’ll have the returns policy and guarantee protecting you. Chain Reaction Cycles of course are hugely trusted in the cycling world, and that’s the reason we recommend them. We only provide reviews and ratings on products offered by key brands and can’t stress enough how important it is to buy your Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack from a reputable retailer.

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There are 97 Bike Racks available from Chain Reaction Cycles in the Cycling category. So if Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack isn’t quite right then you’ve got more choice. To view more of the reviews available just use the search functionality or click on the “view Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack reviews” button at the top of this page where you’ll be directed to find more alternatives too.

More information

Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack At Saris, we love biking. It‰Ûªs part of everything we do which is why we‰Ûªve gotten so good at identifying and meeting the needs of other biking enthusiasts. In the process, we designed the Bones RS. It was created to meet the cyclists needs – the needs of a company full of busy biking families. So when we tell you that Bones RS will meet all of your bike transport needs, we know it‰Ûªs true. It looks good, works well and is built from quality materials right here in Madison, Wisconsin. While the engineering and materials that make up every Bones RS are important, we like to think the real genius lies in the design. One of the annoyances with trunk‰ÛÒmounted racks has always been the straps. So we eliminated them. In their place we put a ratcheting system with rubber‰ÛÒcoated clips and steel‰ÛÒbelted bands for a quick, secure fit on a wide variety of vehicles. The pivoting, anti-sway frame grips can be tilted for great bike stability and the support arms can be moved closer together or further apart to fit just about any bike – from road to mountain, adult to child. In addition to eliminating clumsy, unreliable straps, we also eliminated the hassle of wrestling bikes onto a roof rack. The Bones RS is at the most convenient place possible; right in front of you, on the rear of your vehicle. We‰Ûªre certain that you‰Ûªll love everything about the Bones RS and that it‰Ûªs tough enough to last as long as your love of biking. That‰Ûªs why it‰Ûªs backed by a lifetime warranty, like all of the Saris racks. Bones RS even includes an integrated locking system to keep the rack safe from theft and in your family longer. Durable, stable and secure; when you invest in Bones RS you‰Ûªre investing in peace of mind on so many levels. Features: Ratcheting System eliminates straps and fits a wide range of vehicles, from sedans, to mini-vans. Rubber-coated clips and steel-belted bands secure the rack to your vehicle. Pivoting anti-sways and hold-downs easily adjust to secure your vehicle. Integrated locking system adds security. Easy to load up to 3 bikes. Designed for a family of bikes – from the smallest to the biggest. Buy Saris Accessories from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack Reviews

We’re looking for your reviews of Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack, so whether you’ve bought one, tried one, broken one, sold one, would love one, or hate one…we want to know. It’s your views and opinions that really help customers to make a purchase, so if you have any thoughts on this product after trying or buying it, just share your story in the comments section below. It genuinely will help another biker decide if Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack is the right product or whether they need another Bike Racks product.

With over 97 products to choose from it can be tough to make the right choice, which is why reading Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack reviews will help others to make an informed decision on the key factors from it’s price, quality, durability and it’s also important to mention your experience with the retailer too. Service provided by the retailer is really helpful for other users to share, as we can learn to avoid those that provide bad service. That said, as mentioned, at My Bike Reviews we only recommend a retailer if we have personally used them on several occasions and can vouch for their level of service. This is why you’ll only tend to find reviews on products from retailers like Chain Reaction Cycles, Evans Cycles, Wiggle and the like. If you know of a cycle shop that you’ve had an excellent experience from then please feel free to comment below, we’re always looking to expand in order to improve our reviews, be it on Bike Racks or any other cycling gear.

Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack key specs

Brand Saris
Product name Saris Bones RS Bike Boot Rack
Product ID 135663UK
Price £233.99
Colour Black